GoSmart Clip Puts Your Smartphone on the Steering Wheel

The GoSmart Clip is a new adjustable holder that allows you to mount your iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone right onto your car’s steering wheel. If you use your phone as a GPS or to make calls while driving (using speakerphone or a headset of course) it makes sense to mount the phone at eye level so you can keep an eye on the road.

Trying to hold your phone in one hand and use the other to manipulate the GPS map or the touchscreen is unsafe. Ever missed a call while fishing your phone out of your bag while driving? Putting the phone on the steering wheel where you can easily use it while still keeping both hands on the wheel (10 and 2, right?) is smart. The GoSmart Clip adjusts without tools to fit most phones and is much smaller than most dashboard mounts; you can easily move this from car to car. Of course you’re not going to be downloading Blackberry free apps or buying songs from iTunes while you drive, but for using the phone, GPS maps, or adjusting your music while you drive- it’s a good idea.