Atari 2600 Cartridge iPod Docks

Gotta love the classic 8 bit look of those Atari 2600 cartridges. But what do you do with them since they are pretty much outdated; you can run the entire Atari catalog on a device smaller than a single cartridge. Granted you don’t get that stiff rubbery feel of the Atari joystick on your touchscreen, but you get the point. Well if you’re Geek Unique you convert them into snazzy iPod docks.

Each $24.95 dock is an up-cycled Atari cartridge with a USB cable to form a retro-docking station. Should work with any i-product, although I would guess that your iPad would be too big and tip it over. But iPhone and iPods can definitely get the 8bit charging treatment. And you don’t even have to blow on them to make them work. Coolio.

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