5 Foot Tall Sewn Pitfall Cartridge

It’s an epic geek craft from Snaggs! This 5 foot tall, 4 foot wide by 10 inch vinyl Pitfall cartridge takes the original Atari game to awesome DIY levels. Yes, it’s really that big- that’s not a room of miniature furniture above. In fact here’s the creator lying on top of it holding the original Pitfall cartridge for scale:

Besides the incredible detail, which you can see below, this game has one more trick up it’s sleeve. When you push down on Pitfall Harry’s pocket, it makes the “jumping over gators” sound. Do want.

Incredible handiwork. The other cool part- it’s for sale! Doesn’t say how much (or how you would ship it) but contact Snaggs through her website above if you want to own it. Awesomesauce.