Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pets

Fridgeezoo (JP) are talking milk carton-like animals that go in your fridge. When you open the fridge door they start talking. If you leave the refrigerator open too long, they start complaining (they are walrus, polar bear and penguin after all- they like it cold). They come from Japan but they talk in English? I think, or some sort of weird Japanese English mix? I don’t know what they’re saying (is that a “hello”?), but they’re super cute kawaii. Check out the video below:

11 thoughts on “Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pets

  1. don’t let the ‘hello’ fool you – they’re all speaking in japanese. (it’s not like they don’t know a few words of english over there though – after all, english is a required class for high school in japan)

  2. hey speak Japanese. We have the penguin and its doing a great job, as we really open fridge for too long while cooking or taking milk.
    Btw, they say “haro” which is an adopted version of English “hello” 🙂

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