SparkPlug Flash Adds a Tiny LED Flash to the iPhone 3G, 3GS

SparkPlug Flash is a very small (not much bigger than a quarter!) LED flash that you can plug into your older iPhone model. One of the biggest missing features of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS models is the lack of a flash with the camera. It makes picture and video taking in low light pretty awful. The SparkPlug is entirely powered by your iPhone’s battery which makes it very light and compact and able to work on the spot without any charging up. It plugs right into your dock connector so it will work with most cases.

To turn the flash on or off, just press the built in touch sensor on the SparkPlug. The light puts out 96 lumens and it can also be used as a flashlight. It claims to light up to 18 feet away. The SparkPlug is available for $19.95 shipped. Check out the video:

The cap of the SparkPlug has a loop which allows you to string it up on your keychain or bag when not in use. Looks like a pretty cool little iPhone gadget that will make picture taking better.

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