Motion Sensing Animated LED Sneakers from Step Up 3-D

Moritz Waldemeyer has created this awesome pair of motion sensing light up shoes for the movie Step Up 3D. You may remember Moritz as the guy who created the laser jacket for Bono on U2’s 360degree tour or Rihanna’s laser suit from the AMA’s or the Imogen Heap ‘Twitter Dress’ from the Grammy’s or the go-go dancer laser cage iPod dock we featured a few months back. The shoes look pretty sweet even when they’re not lit up:

Motion sensors inside the shoes create waves of LED lights that move across the sneaker in step with the dancers’ movements. The shoes are modified Creative Recreation trainers covered with flexible LED panels. Probably not worth the effort unless you wanted to see it anyway but you see them for about half a second (at 1:28) in the movie’s trailer. I really want a pair of these if only to distract the eye from my 1989 Hammerstyle dance moves in the clubs. Cool.

(via cr journal)

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