Fart Operated Remote Control

It’s a television remote control that randomly changes the channel when you fart near the sensor! Schmidtn built this using an Arduino microcontroller with a methane gas sensor hooked up to a random number processor that randomly picks a channel number to switch it to. Most families fight over the remote control, this family farts over the remote control. Because it uses a gas sensor, there’s no need to worry about those silent but violent ones slipping out unnoticed. Here’s a video of it in action (warning- farts!):

The scary part of that video is that if you look on the monitor you see a long list of numbers, meaning that’s how many times the device has been “subjected to input” shall we say. Based on the long list, I would venture to guess that they tested this DIY project out on taco night.

instructables (make your own!) via techeblog

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