Airpiano Doesn’t Have Any Keys

If this looks like some sort of bizarre futuristic instrument that you play without touching it that’s probably because it IS a bizarre futuristic instrument that is played from afar. The Airpiano has more in common with the theremin than the piano but it does make piano-like sounds. It uses a series of infrared proximity sensors to determine when to play the notes. There are 8 sensors and each one can do 3 different notes depending on how close your hand is placed to them. The sensor can also be used as faders or filters to create interesting effects. Here’s a video of Jo Hamilton explaining and playing the Airpiano.

The instrument was invented by Omer Yosha and must be plugged in to a computer or other interface to actually produce the sounds. A limited production run will be available this Fall. Maybe we’ll see Lady Gaga playing atop a 20 foot tall Airpiano on her upcoming tour.

via gizmag

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