Turn Real Bananas (and more!) into a Piano

banana piano
Ever wanted to play a piano made out of bananas? Do you want to now that I’ve put the idea in your head? Of course you do. And you can with the More Than Just a Banana Piano. Smart readers will realize that not only can you use bananas but you can also use virtually any other object that conducts even a trickle of electricity: ketchup, finger paint, lemons, coins, plants, people, play dough, and so much more. Experiment with anything you want. How does it work? Simply:
fruit piano controller
Just slip the alligator clip cables onto whatever objects you want to use for the piano keys. The wires run into the microcontroller circuit board which then hooks into your computer. Now just squeeze the banana (or whatever) and you’re playing a banana piano. No software needed, just plug and play. Even the circuit board is fun, for a circuit board. Be stoked:
banana piano board
It works as a substitute keyboard so you can even use bananas (or anything) to function as arrow keys to play just about any online game. Minecraft with a banana? Sure, why not? This kit was designed by former MIT students and is great for junior inventors and amateur tinkerers. Also banana fans who know that there’s always money in the banana stand. Clickthrough below to check out the video (sorry not embeddable) for some insane ideas you can do with it: