Turn Your iPhone into a Universal Remote Control with i-Got-Control

The iPhone just took over your living room (if it hadn’t already) with i-Got-Control, an app and IR transmitter combination that allows your iPhone to replace virtually any remote control. Just snap on the infrared adapter, download the application and then use the existing codes to program the phone to control all of your AV components.

Like most other universal remotes, you can also “teach” this remote using your existing remotes. The color touchscreen display of the iPhone isn’t going to give you the same tactile feel of pressing buttons like on a normal remote but it does have some advantages that a normal remote can’t touch like being backlit, nearly infinitely programmable, and it’s a freakin’ phone and mini-computer! Can your remote send emails, surf the web, and play games? Didn’t think so. Best of all i-Got-Control is competitively priced with other universal remotes.