Stay Open Bag Holder Makes Filling Bags Simple

The sealable top of most plastic bags makes it very difficult to fill them up if you’re trying to pour something in since they always seem to veer towards closing up on you. The Stay Open Bag Holdermakes filling bags up a cinch by holding the bags open. A suction cup base keeps the holder in place on your countertop or table and adjustable arms grab the top of any size bag and hold it open. Easily pour in food, snacks, candy or more.

No more messy counters and food spills. If you have kids, you know how handy this can be, especially since you can fill the bag with one hand once it’s hooked up. Personally I can see using this for making marinades. I will typically drop some liquid and a few herbs and spices into a plastic bag to make a marinade and it’s always hard to grind pepper or shake other spices into the bag without it trying to close up on me. Looks like a pretty useful kitchen tool if you fill a lot of bags.