Bon Bon Sound Round Wooden Speaker from Japan

Bon Bon Sound is an interesting spherical speaker from Japan that combines hi-fi technology with ancient Japanese woodworking. The speaker enclosure is made entirely out of wood- no metal screws are used- by employing lacquerware techniques from the Yamanaka region of Japan. The wood is of Japanese Zelkova and Japanese Cherry Blossom varieties. The lack of metal assembly parts is said to give these high end speakers an acoustic advantage of their competitors and they look really sweet. As you can see in the subtitled video, the sphere is made of two halves that screw together using embedded threading in the speaker itself:

Here’s the full specs:
* Drivers: 1″ full-range with neodyium magnets and titanium cones
* Impedance: 8?
* Frequency response: 220Hz-20kHz
* Input: 5W (maximum peak input 20W)

Available for $988 at the Japan Trend Shop