Klipsch Puts Wireless Speakers in your Lightbulb Sockets

klipsch light-speakers-system
This is actually a very smart idea by Klipsch. Taking advantage of the large size of your light sockets compared to the smaller size of today’s LED lights, Klipsch has created LightSpeakers which put a small wireless speaker in there with the light. Just screw the LightSpeakers into your existing sockets and you have instant wireless sound coming from your ceiling (or better yet- your walls if you have sconces). The great thing is that you will now have basically hidden speakers without having to do any crazy wiring. And unlike normal wireless speakers, they pull all their power right from the socket- so no batteries to change.

The dimmable lights are rated for 40,000 hours and use just 20 watts of electricity. There’s a wireless transmitter to hook up to your music source and a remote control, natch. This wireless speaker setup will cost you though- at $600 for two speaker lights and the transmitter and $250 for any additional speaker lights. On sale soon.