Hollowed Out Tree Trunk iPod Speaker Dock

Got wood? Austrian design firm KMKG has created this incredibly large iPod speaker dock made from a tree trunk. This 130 pound log (hopefully it’s mounted to the stud and just the drywall!) was hollowed out using a “special technique to create extraordinary sound”. Give me a plate of beans and I’ll show you my own “special technique to create extraordinary sound”. Rimshot. Thank you folks, I’ll be here at the Comedy Yert all week.

The designers will be using Swiss pine to create the production model of this big boy. Customers will have some input as to the wood, trunk length and type of sound the iPod dock puts out. I’ll wait for the Sequoia version to come out, cause I always go big or go home. No pricing yet, but are you seriously considering putting a log on your wall?

via cult of mac