Accordion Style Wallet Would Make a Great Christmas Gift for your Accountant

accordion wallet
We all know those people who cram so much stuff into their wallet that you end up standing behind them at the cash register for like 20 minutes while they dig through every receipt, store card, credit card, discount card, business card, and scraps of paper they’ve accumulated in the last 8 months looking for just the right one to use to pay. Hopefully that’s not you. If they had the Smart Accordion Wallet, they’d be so much more organized and the large angry line of shoppers behind them would all be happier.

Just like that giant folder your accountant carries around with all your paperwork and filings, the accordion wallet has many easy to look into pockets. It’s made of 100% genuine Italian tanned leather and has an external see-through pocket for your ID. Get organized! And stop saving all those unnecessary receipts! Seriously, it’s out of hand. You’re not going to return that meal from Burger King that you already ate, throw away the receipt. Argh.

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