Pac Man Business Card Case

pac man card case1
To survive in today’s business climate you need to set yourself apart while maintaining a degree of professionalism. Get yourself a nice clean suit and some business cards and you’re good to go. But you don’t want those business cards getting damaged in your wallet or pocket. You need a separate case just to hold your business card and those you receive. You surely don’t want to take someone’s card and just jam it in your pocket with all your Starbucks and McDonald’s receipts from your daily trips to ye’ olde coffee shop and burger joint?
pac man card case2
Nothing speaks to your level of professionalism like a Pac-Man Business Card Case. Available later this fall from Geek Stuff 4 U in one of two snazzy dot eating designs. Take out one of these $30 cases with your card in it and people know you mean business. Looking for a job in today’s economic climate isn’t easy- you’ve got to stand out. And Pac-Man stands out in a fun way.*

*note is not a professional job hunting website and has no clue what they are talking about when it comes to a real business environment. is not written in a professional office but from the passenger seat of a hyundai parked outside a coffee shop where we steal the wifi signal and use the bathroom. once a week or so we buy a coffee (only if the hot chick is working that day). the hyundai also doubles as our bedroom..err mobile office. it also gets great gas mileage.

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