Superhero X-Chara iPhone Covers

Usually iPhone cases are a dime a dozen but these new Superhero X-Chara Cases are pretty unique. It features both DC and Marvel Comic characters in the third dimension right on your iPhone 4/4S. That’s right, the third dimension. There are ten different heros ranging from Batman to Spiderman to Thor to Wolverine to Batgirl to The Joker to Harley Quinn to Superman to Captain America to Iron Man. Boom, get a room. The Chara-covers are launching this Spring and will sell for about $35 each. That’s super. via Crazy Bat Lady

One thought on “Superhero X-Chara iPhone Covers

  1. hi i wanted to know how much are you selling the marvel phone cases for?
    also how much do you sell them for if i wanted to buy 100 of them? Thank you please email me back

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