Robot Mask with iPhone Moving Mouth

robo iphone mask
Halloween is just around the corner… ok maybe down the block, past the traffic light and then around the corner, but anyway it’s next month. Oh, if you have plans for your kid’s costume this year that you’re totally set on, you might want to not let the kids watch look at this post. Cause it’s the greatest Halloween costume ever…. of the week. It’s a simple cardboard box with a aluminum foil covering and big ol’ eyes to make it look like a robot. Simple enough.

BUT, combine that with the mouth hold mounted iPhone and you have a ridiculous costume. Ridiculously awesome that is. See, you use the iPhone app called “Mouth Off” which enables you to show a moving mouth on the screen that moves when you talk. When you talk, the lips move in synch. So simple, yet so great. And if you have the iPhone already, it’s basically free (I’m not sure if the app costs or not). If not, it would be worth it get the iPhone just for this costume. Just remember to poke holes for your eyes so you can see (do it BEFORE you put the mask on, trust me). Here you can watch the how to video and see the mask in action:

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