42″ Flatscreen TV Turned into a Wearable iPhone Costume

iphone costume tv
If you see these guys getting out of their car at your local Halloween costume contest, just pack up your costume and go home because you have no chance of winning. This is officially the BEST COSTUME EVER (of the week). Reko Rivera and John Savio created these awesome costumes each using a real 42″ LCD TV. The TV’s are connected to their actual iPhones (docked just above the TV) and will show whatever the iPhone display shows. Yes those televisions are heavy! They weigh 85 pounds each, plus the weight of the batteries to power them and the wires and iPhone. That’s $2000 worth of gear strapped onto these lads. Check out the video for a cool demonstration of some tricks and treats they can do:

Personally I’m way too clumsy (and weak!) to strap on such expensive electronics onto my body, especially on a holiday when I’m likely to be drinking. Also I’m too lazy to actually build anything. So that’s why my Halloween will likely involve drinking myself into a long nap by 7pm, waking up for dinner and then going back to bed. Fun times!

via the fine folks at gizmodo

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