Pac-Man Hat Might be the Greatest Hat Ever

Best hat ever (of the week). They’re calling this the Pac-Man Plush Mask but come on, if that’s not the best looking winter hat you’ve ever seen, I’ll eat my uhhhm hat. A mask goes over your face, a hat goes over your head (source: Craziest Gadgets). If you have giant hair or a big head (or both *cough* Snooki *cough*) this hat is perfect for concealing your minor flaws.

Sure you’re not going to be able to blend in to a crowd, unless you’re at Comic Con or something like that but sometimes you want to get noticed for your unique taste in headwear. And it might even fit on top of your bicycle helmet (how important is peripheral vision while cycling anyway?) Worst case scenario, you have half a Halloween costume for next year. Or you get eaten by ghosts with rhyming names (apologies to Clyde). $24.99 from E.E.

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