Star Wars Force Trainer Lets You Control Things with Your Mind (Really!)

star wars force trainer
The Star Wars Force Trainer lets your kids practice the ol’ Jedi Mind Trick for real. You may have seen this showcased at CES but now it’s available to buy, finally. You put on the headset and use your brain to make the ball in the tube levitate. No wires, no tricks. Really! You use your head to send brainwaves to the ball and a tiny jet of air underneath the ball responds to your brain. How exactly does the Star Wars Force Trainer work? Here’s how:

Depending on the amount of Midichlorians you have in your cells, each of you possess differing abilities to control your brainwaves. Using dry sensor technology, the Force Trainer can determine the differences between the alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain. You can control these different brain ‘states’ by using your ability to focus and to concentrate. A micro-chip inside the Force Trainer then uses an algorithm to figure out which brain state you are in and then decides how to raise or lower the ball based on that state.

It looks like a lot of fun, not just for kids but for adults (party game anyone?). It will definitely impress the ladies. There are 15 levels of Force training that the Force Trainer will guide you through, voiced by Yoda and complete with Star Wars sound effects to confirm accomplishment and provide encouragement throughout your training. May the Force be with you.

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