Lightsaber Lava Lamps

lightsaber lava lamp
The Force is strong with these- the force of fluid dynamics that is. Combining an iconic 60’s design (the lava lamp) with an iconic 70’s design (the Star Wars lightsaber) you get these Star Wars Motion Lamps. Apparently the term “lava lamp” is actually a trademark so these are “motion lamps”. Who knew? We’re calling Xerox Kleenox Band-Aid on the term right here and now, come on. Anywho, you can get these in your choice of Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker lightsaber.
star wars lava lamp
The 18″ tall lamp has a tube made of glass and sits atop a base with a 4.75″ diameter. For fun you can calculate the total volume of the cylinder. While you do that, I’ll imagine the light in the base turning on and heating up the “lava” (actually it’s wax) inside and causing all sorts of geeky psychedelic shapes inside the tube. They actually have a very clean modern design and the Star Wars nod is fairly subtle so you can stealth geek it a bit in the office or wherever you end up putting these.