Handmade Star Wars Baby Mobile

star wars mobile Handmade Star Wars Baby Mobile
Gotta start those Jedi’s young, parents. Let those wee ones dream of galaxies far far away with a fully customizable Handmade Star Wars Baby Mobile. Choose up to 4 Star Wars figures or ships and 7 planets all made from hand needle felted wool. Shown above with Republic Attack Gunship, X-Wing Fighter, Star Cruiser, Millennium Falcon, 2 white planets, 3 orange planets, 1 gray planet, and the Death Star.
star wars mobile closeup Handmade Star Wars Baby Mobile
Just put this mobile on your child’s crib and the Force will be strong with this one. Now at $380, you might be better off trying to DIY something like this, maybe with some of these plush Star Wars vehicles and some string?

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