Hippo Foot Massager

farting hippo foot massager
When you think foot comfort you think hippopotamus. I know I do. It’s a natural association. Actually, if I’m being honest here, I have an unnatural fear of hippos ever since I accidentally swallowed a ball during raucous game of Hungry Hungry Hippo in my youth. In case you’re interested, those balls do eventually come out in the end. And yes by “come out in the end” I do mean the other end of the body. And yes it hurts. A lot.

If you’re feet are in need of some relief, slip them into this giant fleece covered double foot massager. Yes for some odd reason you have to slip both feet in at once, which makes getting up to answer the phone or doorbell awkward to say the least (and nevermind what your guests might think when they see you potato sack racing to the front door with a giant plush two headed hippo on your feet). It does come with a wired two speed remote, so that’s something. The hippo massager costs £24.99 which is about $40 and it comes with one of those massive British plugs so you’ll need a converter if you’re Stateside.

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