3D Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board

Laboratory 424 has done it again with an awesome homemade 3D Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board. Step by step instructions are included so you, yes YOU, can build this at home too for minimal cost. They used a site called Cubeecraft to get the templates to print out all the paper characters and shapes.

Although the designs allow you to simply fold them in place, putting the magnets inside and handling them more changed the plan to use glue instead. A magnet was glued inside each figure (don’t ask me how magnets work, I don’t freakin’ know, they just do). The background was created from a giant magnet board with blue posterboard glued on top and a few clouds pasted on for effect.

Put your papercraft Super Mario figures on the board and arrange them and play with them to your liking. Be as rough as you want because they’re easily replaceable, just print out new ones. Enjoy!

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