iCar Black Box Turns Your iPhone into a Black Box

iCar Black Box is an iPhone application that basically turns your iPhone into an airplane style black box for your car. With your iPhone mounted on your dashboard, the iCBB records a video of the road as well as various metrics such as speed, date and time, and GPS location.

When the accelerometer detects that your car has stopped suddenly due to a crash it goes into emergency mode. A light accident (like a bumper tap) brings up a prompt asking if you want to save the recording or not. In a hard accident the app automatically saves the recording and associated data AND brings up the emergency contact prompt enabling you to dial 911 with a single screen touch. The application is fully customizable and you can even set it to send a text message or email to a designated emergency contact if there’s an accident. Check out the video demonstration:

The great thing about this app is that compared to separate Car Dash Digital Video Recorders like this one that run about $100 or more, the iCar Black Box is literally 100x times cheaper. It’s just 99 cents! If that’s too much for ya there’s a lite version you can try out for free for a limited time.

Here’s the direct links to the iTunes App Store:
iCarBlackBox Lite

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