Gadgets Roundup: Cool Gadgets We Were Too Lazy to Write About

Every week there are tons of cool gadgets (and uncool ones) that we just don’t have to time to write about. And by “don’t have the time” I mean we’re too lazy. So here’s a whole bunch of gadgets and assorted geekery that you didn’t see this week on Craziest Gadgets.

    Elephant Padlock doesn’t look particularly secure, but who really wants security in a lock?

    Pac-Man ghost coasters aka “ghosters”, I’ll drink to that

    Mossad Pen writes in visible, then invisible, then visible ink. That’s tricky.

    Spiderman Earbuds… if you see Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons and think, “that’s me!”, then these are the earbuds for you.

    Roomba‘s path mapped in a long exposure shot. If I mapped my Roomba’s path out it would involve a beeline to the kitchen table and then a solid white light where it gets stuck under the table until the battery dies.

    Flashlight USB Hub– I’m not sure if combing something portable (flashlight) with something tied down to your computer (USB hub) makes any logical sense at all, but who says gadgets must be logical? Ok Spock. But besides him? Nobody?

Other cool gadgets to check out:

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