Inflatahands Giant Inflatable Hands

Inflatahands are the largest giant inflatable hands out there. Football and college sports season is here now and when you’re cheering for your team, you have to either go big or go home. So why not go MASSIVE? Inflatahands make those puny foam #1 fingers look like a baby’s hand. There is a velcro strip on each finger and the palm so you can adjust the Inflatahands into any gesture you want from “we’re number 1” to “the finger” to bullhorns to devil horns to gang signs to a peace sign to “the shocker”. Great for sporting events, concerts, parties, boating, or any kind of get-together!

UPDATE: These were available Here, but are no longer offered. The closest alternatives we could find are this Thunderhands, MonsterFan Monster Arm (might be discontinued as well), or Large #1 Cheering Finger, Inflatable Victory Hand. None have the height or flexibility of the Inflatahands though.

6 thoughts on “Inflatahands Giant Inflatable Hands

  1. Couldn’t they have made the velcro the same color as the hand? It kinda looks like fingernails that are on backwards. Design fail.

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