Giant Coffee Cup Holds 20 Cups

Who’s thirsty? Get your buzz on with the World’s Largest Coffee Cup, a cup so large it’s required to have “no diving” signs posted on it in some states. That might be a bit of a dubious claim but this porcelain cup does hold a hefty 20 regular cups of coffee. It weighs in a beefy 10 pounds empty and if you fill it up that’s about another 10 pounds worth of coffee. Better use two hands to hold it.

It’s made of porcelain and is probably dishwasher safe, but it also probably won’t fit in your dishwasher either. It’s the perfect accessory for your “I’ll be in to help you just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee” excuse or to complete your Carrot Top impression. The cup will also probably make the world’s largest coffee ring on your coffee table so you’ll need to find the world’s largest coaster to slip under it. Realistically speaking, it would make a great display piece to hold things or use as a punchbowl. (via gluttoner)