WiiMote Football Doesn’t Seem Like Such a Good Idea

wiimote football
I don’t know if this Wiimote Football was conceived by some sort of consortium of television manufacturers or whatnot but this just does not seem like a good idea at all. If you thought a relatively small controller that you can completely wrap your fingers around was likely to be thrown at your new flat screen TV (and many TV’s have been smashed by the Wiimote) then what’s going to happen with a controller bigger than your hand that’s specifically made to be used in a throwing motion?

And as Gizmodo points out- the whole point of video gaming is that weak nerds can do manly things like throw a football and shoot dudes and swing swords all without actually lifting a finger. Ok maybe lifting a finger or thumb, but not having to actually perfect a spiral throwing motion to make a solid pass in Madden. Sounds like a fail to me.

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