Avenging Unicorn Playset

Growing up, toys and action figures were much more straightforward and there were not nearly as many options as kids have today. Toystores in my era only stocked one type of unicorn- the good kind. There was no option for an evil avenging unicorn. In fact there were no unicorn toys at all, if you wanted a unicorn doll, you’d cut the hair off a my little pony doll and glue on a toothpick to it’s head. Then you’d carry it to school, uphill both ways in the snow.

The Avenging Unicorn Playset takes the unicorn and updates it for today’s angst ridden teens. Someone has clearly pissed off this unicorn (now who would do that?) and rainbow happy fun time is over. It’s time for him to take his revenge. On a mime. Yes the unicorn is goring a mime with his horn. My guess is that the unicorn was simply to trying to free the mime who was stuck inside an invisible box and accidentally gored him. The Avenging Unicorn Playset comes with 4 different horns to suit your unicorn’s impaling needs for the day.

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