Light Up Rainbow Unicorn Phone Charging Cable

These cords are magical. Why are we still charging our iPhones and iPads and Galaxys with boring plain white cables? We put our phone into a showy blingy case and then plug it in with a nothing cable? It stops now. This Unicorn Phone Charging Cable has everything you could ever want out of a charger cable. You thought you just wanted one that doesn’t break right where the rubber cable meets the tip? Wrong! You wanted more but just never knew it. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Bells- check. Whistles- check. Not only does this cable have a unicorn’s head that you plug into your phone, it has one with a rainbow horn, like all unicorns should have. It’s a unicorn emoji, because of course it is. And the USB end of the cable? Smiley face. Because why not? Shouldn’t every USB plug have one? Yes. And the third part of the cable- the cord itself? It lights up. Not just in one color- but in an array of rainbow colors. Because it can. The cable is 3ft long and comes in both iPhone and Android compatible styles. So everyone’s happy.