Big Wheels Trike with Built in Watergun

huffy green machine
Where was this when I was a kid? Growing up all I had was a broken stick, a worn down tire from pop’s AMC Gremlin and a hill. The Huffy Green Machine H2O Trike With Water Guns is awesome for your kiddie gangbangers looking to do some supersoaker drivebys in the old cul de sac.

The Green Machine can shoot water over 20 feet with it’s oversized pressurized tank. That’s right, 20 feet. It has a 16″ rubber front tire and wide racing style rear tires. No more spinning out Scooby Doo style on cheapo plastic wheels that won’t grip the pavement- this is the real deal. To blast the water you use the firing controls on the joystick. If you see one of your neighborhood kids coming at you with one of these, you better run- fast. Costs around $100.

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