iPhone Case with Front and Back Lighting

Whether you’re taking a selfie or a “regular” shot (and yes for some of you Instagram influencers and wannabes, a selfie is your regular shot; just a heads up there actually is a camera on the back of your phone, you’re welcome) the LuMee Duo Phone Case has you covered- in light.

This case, which comes in a variety of colors has a studio-quality front AND back facing LED light. Bath yourself in warm natural lighting that’s way brighter than the built-in flash. Get rid of those pesky shadows and dark areas and really showcase your true self in the best light. The LuMee Duo runs off a rechargeable battery that’s good for 30 minutes at full brightness. Of course even without the light, the case is protecting your phone from the wear and tear and drops that come with being a star like yourself.

You can choose either a matte or smooth glossy finish. It offers both side bumper and rear protection. Unfortunately it’s not available for the newest models just yet but you can get it for quite a number of models, so take a look and see if yours is covered.