Bumprz: Minimalist Corners Only iPhone “Case”

How minimalist can an iPhone case get? Bumprz takes it to the extreme with a “case” that covers just the most vulnerable part of your iPhone- the corners. It’s the anti-case. These stainless steel or brass corner protectors stick to your phone with a strong 3M adhesive.
bumprz closeup
They allow the screen to be protected from drops and falls without all the bulk associated with typical cases. Bumprz allow the beauty and size of the phone to remain in it’s natural naked phone state. No need to remove the case to charge up or use in many iPhone docks or with accessories. It’s minimalist protection.
bumprz comparison
As you can see, compared to a regular case, it’s so much smaller. Great for those who carry their phones in their pockets or just prefer a caseless phone but are worried about dropping the phone and cracking the screen. Available for pre-order at a discount via Kickstarter