The Stunning Thermaltake Level 10 PC Case

level 10 case
This may looks like a well-made homebrewed PC case mod but it’s actually a commercially produced PC case from Thermaltake called the Level 10. It costs around $700 (yes for just the case) but wow is it a looker. With the low cost of internal computer components these days, even an expensive case like this wouldn’t make your computer cost too much more in total than it would have just a few years back. Yes, I just attempted to justify spending $700 on a case. Let’s scratch that, instead send me $600 and a buy a $100 case. Thanks.
level 10 case back
The stylishly compartmentalized case comes in a matte black finish. Each compartment has it’s own ventilation which should help keep it from overheating and stressing your components. The other side has a locking mechanism to keep prying hands off your pricey parts. Depending upon your desk’s setup, you might run into a fence dilemma with this case- do you put the “good” side facing yourself or facing out?

via Maximum PC

2 thoughts on “The Stunning Thermaltake Level 10 PC Case

  1. Really stunning. Talking about thinking out of the box – relatively speaking… Bye bye box casing.

    But the price tag still makes box casing the choice to be. Just wait a year or two, sure other manufacturers will follow suit and ….. we get cheaper ‘Level 10’. Aight? Yay!

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