Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper

It’s Fall and that can mean only one thing- Halloween…ok wait maybe two things. Leaves! You’re gonna have to keep your lawn free of leaves every day, sometimes twice or three times a day, if you want to avoid the scorn of your neighbors. Especially that one neighbor with the golf course manicured lawn with edging so sharp you could trip on it if you dared to go onto his lawn (you don’t unless you have a death wish) that somehow manages to stay perfectly green throughout the whole winter. Yeah, we all have that same neighbor, maybe it’s you.

Well keep your lawn in the clear with the Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper. You’re not still using a rake like a dinosaur, are you? Get with the modern era and simply roll this thing over your lawn and sweep up the leaves with it’s 26″ wide sweeper. The leaves get collected into the attached bag and when you’re full, just dump them out like so:

It’s that easy. Also works great for grass clippings and small twigs. It has 4 brushes that sweep everything into the 7 cubic foot hopper bag. The brush height is adjustable so you can even use it on paved surfaces and it’s light enough to hang from a hook in your garage or shed. A towable version is available as well for those of you with riding mowers.