RightPSI is a Tire Valve Cap that Visually Shows Your Tire Pressure

right psi tire pressure
This is something that should be standard on every car! Keeping tires properly inflated keeps you safer, improves gas mileage and is better for the environment. RightPSI replaces your tire’s existing valve cap and indicates if your tire pressure is low, overfilled, or just right. If it turns orange, your pressure is too low; yellow is for too high.
right psi chart
The bright indicators can be seen from up to 15 feet away. You don’t even need to bend down, just glance at your tires to know. The other neat feature is that it’s a fill-through design so you can fill your tires up with air without removing the caps. And while you’re filling up, just look at the color of the RightPSI to know if you’ve filled it up enough (or too much). Check out this demo video to see how it works:

This is great. It works with TPMS systems, so when you get that annoying TPMS indicator light on your dashboard you can see exactly which tire needs air without having to the do the ol’ guessing game in the freezing cold. The RightPSI is sold in various PSI levels from 28-40, so you just buy the one that’s the same PSI as what your car requires. Also fits bicycles and motorcycles. Expect it in stores this September.