Sarlacc Pit Toilet Won’t Take 1000 Years to Digest Your Poo

sarlacc toilet
Turn your toilet bowl into an epic Star Wars scene with these decals. The Toilet Sarlacc is a sheet of stickers that you apply inside your toilet to make it look like a deadly pit of doom. Yes, you can now nerdify up the INSIDE of your toilet too.
sarlacc toilet sheet
It even has Chewy, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Lando as well as Jabba’s sail barge so you can accurately set up the scene just like it happened in Empire Strikes Back- except with more excrement. Well maybe not more than what Lando dropped during the scene- he looked pretty scared hanging on just out of the clutches of the Sarlacc.
sarlacc toilet stickers
Turn every bowel movement into an intergalactic battle as you drop some Jabba’s into the pit. Applying the decals inside your toilet bowl might be a little sketchy, so maybe it’s time to get a new toilet just for these stickers? Definitely. (via nerdist)