Withings iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings has just announced what they are billing as the world’s first iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor. Just hook it up to your iPhone, put the cuff around your arm and see your readout digitally on the iPhone screen- no timings, no calculation, just results. Besides making it simple and accurate to get your blood pressure reading yourself, the blood pressure monitor also automatically saves your readings data. You can easily see all your readings on a chart, enabling you to recognize positive or negative trends and take action (or not) based on that data.

By allowing users to do self-readings, users can obtain significantly more data on their blood pressure than if they had to go to doctor for a single reading. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor will sell for $129 starting soon.

3 thoughts on “Withings iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. I think this one is a waist of time. A cheap display on the blood pressure monitor would have been enough. The iphone acts as a monitor in this case. not very smart

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