A Cooking Grate that Fits on a Spare Tire

spare tire grill
Taking along a campfire grill to do some cooking in the great outdoors is a lot easier with the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate. When you’re not using it, it slips right over your spare tire, taking up a minimum amount of space. When ready to grill, take the stainless steel grate off the tire (important!), place it on your campfire and throw on some meat. It’s gotta be meat- always meat.
camping grill
Ok maybe pancakes would also be acceptable as long as there’s a bacon possibility. There’s 2 grill and one griddle sections for different cooking options. It also folds up and the legs detach, which sort of negates the whole point of it going over your tire, right? Still, it’s an interesting way to taking a camping grill along for the ride. (via gizmodo)