BoostAPak Turns Your Kids into Booster Seat Carrying Sherpas

Kids have a ton of energy that is *wasted* on things like playing and running and jumping. Let’s put that renewable energy source to work by making your kids carry their own booster seat on their backs like Sherpas climbing Mount Everest. Except without the snow, heavy weights, altitude and meager pay.

Booster seats for your car are required by law in many areas for children under a certain age/weight so traveling with a child can be a bit tricky. That’s why the Boostapak is a booster seat that folds up into a backpack so your kids can carry it for you. If you’re taking a taxi, bus, rental car, or friend’s car, it can be handy and safer to have a booster seat rather than let your child sit without one where the seatbelt will be incorrectly positioned across their chest. You’ve got enough things to carry to take care of your kids, let them handle a little something too. Available this Spring (possibly UK only, no details listed).

Boostapak via oh gizmo

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