Nu-m8 from Lok8u is like a Prisoner’s Ankle Monitoring Bracelet, but for your Kids

Keeping track of your kids is not the easiest thing. Worried parents (some might say overcautious or overprotective) always want to know exactly where their kids are. Everybody wants to know that their children are safe. The Nu-m8 from Lok8u purports to help you keep an eye on your kids from afar.

The Nu-m8 is a GPS enabled wristwatch in a style that kids would probably like. That’s of no concern really, since you’re the parent and they have no choice but to wear and eat their veggies, right? The watch uses GPS to track where your little one is to within 10 feet. There are special steel belted locking features that make the watch hard for kids to remove (yes, just like those prisoner home monitoring anklets- not exactly, but same concept I guess). The waterproof unit stays charged for up to 3 days.

You can set designated “safe zones” for your kids. If the watch is forcibly removed, or if your child strays from the safety zone, the parent is alerted instantly via text message or email. This requires a subscription from Lok8u and it looks like it’s only in the UK for now. If the child returns to the safe zone, another message is sent. So I guess if your kid zigzags over the safety line (a move I’ll dub “the safety dance”), he could use up all your text messages for the month and cost you thousands. Yep, kids are expensive. Alternatively you can log in to the site and track your bundle of joy via Google Maps.

If you’re in the UK, you can buy this for £149.99 and elsewhere. The monthly subscription charge starts at £4.99. It will be released for sale next week.

shiny shiny via ubergizmo