LightSkin Bicycle Seat Post with LED Lights

Add an unobtrusive yet highly visible way to be seen at night while bike riding with the LightSkin Bicycle Seat Post from Epic Bike. This seat post replaces your normal seat post with one that has a set of 5 battery powered LED lights on the back. The waterproof lights last 400 hours on a set of batteries. Check out this highly stylized video demonstrating it’s setup and use:

That’s some styling, profiling, and safe cycling. There’s 5 different lighting modes each with all 5 lights and with just 3 lights, one of which may or may not be called “disco mode”. But seriously, bicycle safety is not a joke and making yourself more visible to vehicles is very important. This light does it without protruding from your bike or detracting from it’s look in any way. Smart and safe. (via)