LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Video Learning System

Preschoolers seem to have boundless energy levels and the LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Learning System will get your kid up and about in a fun and interactive way. Designed for kids ages 3-5, the durable mat and bopper interact wireless with the TV console, getting your kid dancing, jumping, learning and playing. Kids use their entire body to lean and move and jump to complete the tasks and play along with the video. Ideal for developing listening, memory skills, and coordination skills in a fun way.
zippity in use
The Zippity has all the familiar Disney characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. There are 8 included activities, each with 2 play levels. Parents can use the pre-set learning path or set their own and monitor their child’s progress. Great to challenge young growing bodies and minds. Additional games and Disney characters are available separately. The Zippity is sure to be one of the hottest gifts this year!
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