Nerdy Baby’s First Flowchart

It’s never too early to think outside the box by getting your baby forward thinking about generating strategic initiatives by leveraging the child’s core competencies. Once you circle the wagons and touch base with your baby, you will realize the best way to spearhead corporate synergies is by drilling down with Flowchart Blocks– a real game changer. But that’s neither here nor there, as this 29 piece flowchart block set enables babies to drink the kool aid and get on board with a best practice methodology for a scalable children’s toy that lets them get a seat at the table while incentivizing playtime without trying to boil the ocean.

Wooden actionable pieces are right-sized to be safe for small hands, includes 12 process pieces, 3 decision points, 2 terminators, and 10 arrows let kids get all their aces in their places with minimal feature creeping. It’s not a dog and pony show or reinventing the wheel here but following the road map for a full court press to maximize fun in the youth market. Chalk it up as a learning experience with a wow factor.