Save a Seat with a Fake Drink Spill

Saving seats for your late arriving friends is always a tricky proposition. Even saving your own seat while you go to the concession stand or bathroom can be difficult. You can put your bag or jacket on the seat, employ the “extended leg over the empty seat” technique, or the always classic “you and a buddy spread out and save a few seats in between you” method. The problem with most of these seat saving methods is that someone will invariably come along and ask if the seat is taken and possibly hassle you so they can take the seat.

The fake spilled drink solves this problem once and for all. Just place a fake spilled drink on the chair you want to save and nobody will sit down. No questions about if that seat is saved, no dirty looks for saving seats, no people moving your clothing off the seat, nobody asking you to move down a seat- just quiet pre-show contemplation and the freedom to get that pre-show dump out of your system knowing that you can return to your primo seat afterwards.

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