KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat

We know how difficult it is to travel with kids (especially during our brief time married to the Octomom) and how hard it is to keep the young ones in one place and occupied. The KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat does just that- keeps your kid in one spot and entertained. This lightweight activity seat has 5 nylon loops to hold toys, a drink and snack holder, and a floor pad to keep your baby’s feet off the dirty floor.

The seat easily folds up into a small carry bag weighing just 7 pounds. It has 4 adjustable seat positions to grow with babies ages 4 months and up (12 to 26 pounds recommended). While ideal for traveling (and the inevitable airport delays during the holiday season), it’s portability is also great for around the house in ways that a full sized activity center can’t handle- set it up while you do laundry, dishes, shower, use the bathroom, barbecue- anywhere you need a quick spot to secure your child for a little while.

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