Mango Splitter

Summer’s here and it’s time to eat those juicy summer fruits. And who doesn’t love a good mango?! Mangos are one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world and show up in all sorts of cuisines from Indian (yum- mango lassi!!!) to Mexican and more. If you’ve ever tried to cut a mango at home you know that it’s extremely difficult to get the maximum amount of that juicy flesh out because of the oblong shaped pit inside. You usually end up with uneven chunks of mango and losing a lot of edible fruit.

This ingenious kitchen tool is a Mango Splitter it will slice your mango in half, removing the giant seed inside in one easy press, making it easy to get the most mango for your money (and mangos are NOT cheap!) and nice even mango slices. Dishwasher safe, the mango splitter has a sharp sturdy stainless steel blade and soft cushioned handles. Get your summer fruit on!

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