Minox Suntimer UV Radiation Monitoring Watch

This Minox Suntimer watch just might save your life. Summer’s here and the days are hot and it’s nice to get out in the sun. But watch out for those UV rays! Stay out too long and you will not only end up with a nasty sunburn- you could be putting your life in danger! Skin damage is no joke people. With the Minox Suntimer, UV Radiation Monitor, Watch & Stopwatch All-in-1 Combo you can easily monitor your solar exposure to keep the damage to a minimum.

The Suntimer estimates the maximum amount of safe exposure time to sunlight by using special sensors that measure the amount of ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight based on it’s intensity. You can program in a profile that the watch will remember, detailing your skin type and SPF of the sunscreen you typically use. The watch will then determine your optimum time to stay in the sun. An alarm will sound when it’s time to get out of the sun.

The Suntimer will adjust your amount of exposure time dynamically based on the sunlight it receives. If you go inside for a while or into the shade, it adds on time. If the sun gets stronger, the time allotted decreases. The watch is also water resistant to 33 feet. This makes the Suntimer ideal for many outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, fishing, biking, skiing or just being a spectator.

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